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The Ministry of Information is Launching a New Digital Platform



The Ministry of Information is Launching a New Digital Platform

The Ministry of Information is Launching a New Digital Platform. Saad Al-Azmi, the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information for Media Services and New Media Sector, has officially announced the upcoming launch of a groundbreaking digital platform, aptly named Platform 51. This initiative is poised to revolutionize the digital landscape by seamlessly integrating all Ministry content into a unified digital space.

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Launch Details and Strategic Collaboration

The announcement was made during a press conference where Al-Azmi revealed that Platform 51 is scheduled to go live on May 12, coinciding with the anniversary of Kuwait Radio’s launch in 1951. The Ministry has partnered with Fasttelco to ensure a successful launch, emphasizing their commitment to delivering diverse content, including Ramadan programs, on Kuwait TV’s existing digital platform until the transition.

Gateway to Modern Media Technologies

Al-Azmi described Platform 51 as more than just a digital space; it is envisioned as a gateway to innovative digital content, transcending traditional methods and providing seamless access to television and radio content. Users can expect a rich array of timeless archival pieces, coupled with live broadcasts from all Kuwait TV channels and radio stations.

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Family-Friendly and Culturally Rich

Highlighting its family-friendly design, Al-Azmi emphasized that Platform 51 adheres to Ministry of Information regulations and reflects Kuwaiti cultural values across various domains, including media, art, awareness, sports, and drama. The platform is designed to serve as a testament to Kuwaiti media history and authenticity.

Financial Viability and Private Sector Collaboration

In addition to its cultural significance, Platform 51 is projected to enhance the Ministry’s financial resources through collaboration with the private sector. The initiative is expected to generate a substantial return of KD 5.050 million over five years, along with 10 percent of net advertising profits and subscriptions.

Ownership and Control

Al-Azmi assured that the Ministry will retain ownership of its archive and trademark, ensuring control over the platform’s content. This strategic move guarantees the Ministry’s influence over the platform’s direction and aligns with their commitment to preserving Kuwait’s media heritage.

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Collaborative Vision for a Prosperous Media Future

Nouf Al-Mashaan, representing Fasttelco, underscored the importance of collaboration between the private and government sectors in advancing services. She expressed pride in contributing to a project that opens doors to Kuwait’s rich visual and audio archive, promoting the nation’s history and culture globally.

Ensuring Ethical and Purposeful Content

Engineer Issa Dharyan, Director of Engineering Communications at the Ministry of Information and Deputy Chairman of the Coordination Committee for the Ministry of Information Digital Platform, emphasized the necessity of Platform 51 in managing the abundance of media materials. Leveraging the Ministry’s cultural heritage, the platform aims to offer secure, purposeful media content embedded with ethical values and tailored to diverse demographics.

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The Ministry’s innovative digital platform, Platform 51, stands poised to reshape Kuwait’s media landscape, offering a unique blend of cultural richness, financial viability, and strategic collaboration between the public and private sectors.

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4 African Expats Accused Of Copper Cable Theft Arrested




4 African Expats Accused Of Copper Cable Theft Arrested

4 African Expats Accused Of Copper Cable Theft Arrested. In a significant crackdown on copper cable theft, the Public Security Sector has successfully apprehended four individuals of African nationality. This arrest is part of the intensified security efforts undertaken by the Search and Investigations Operations to combat the rising incidence of copper cable theft in various areas of the country.

Intensified Security Efforts Lead To Arrests

The recent arrests are a direct result of enhanced security measures and investigative operations targeting copper cable theft. The Public Security Sector has been vigilant in its efforts to curb this growing menace, which has been affecting infrastructure and causing significant economic losses.

Discovery Of Storage Location And Tools

Following the apprehension of the suspects, authorities conducted further investigations that led to the discovery of the storage location for the stolen copper cables. Alongside the stolen goods, all the tools used in the cutting and theft process were also recovered. This discovery is a crucial development in the ongoing efforts to dismantle the network involved in these thefts.

Legal Proceedings Against The Accused

The four suspects, along with the seized items, have been referred to the competent authorities to take the necessary legal actions against them. This step ensures that the suspects will face justice and serves as a deterrent to others who might be involved in similar activities.

The Impact Of Copper Cable Theft

Copper cable theft is a serious issue that impacts various sectors, including telecommunications, power distribution, and transportation. The theft of copper cables can lead to significant disruptions in services, posing a risk to public safety and causing substantial financial losses.

Economic Losses And Infrastructure Damage

The economic impact of copper cable theft is profound. Replacing stolen cables and repairing the damage can be costly and time-consuming. This theft not only affects businesses and service providers but also inconveniences the public, who rely on these essential services.

Public Safety Concerns

In addition to economic losses, copper cable theft poses serious public safety concerns. Disruptions in power supply and communication networks can have far-reaching consequences, affecting emergency services, transportation systems, and everyday communication.

Preventive Measures And Community Awareness

To effectively combat copper cable theft, it is crucial to implement preventive measures and raise community awareness about the issue.

Enhanced Security Measures

Authorities are urged to enhance security measures around vulnerable infrastructure. This includes increased surveillance, the use of advanced technology for monitoring, and the implementation of strict regulations regarding the handling and sale of scrap metal.

Community Involvement

Raising awareness within the community about the impact of copper cable theft and encouraging the public to report suspicious activities can significantly aid in prevention efforts. Community involvement is essential in creating a supportive environment where such crimes can be quickly identified and reported.


The arrest of the four African expats accused of copper cable theft marks a significant victory in the fight against this widespread issue. Through the combined efforts of intensified security operations and community awareness, it is possible to mitigate the effects of copper cable theft and protect vital infrastructure. The ongoing legal proceedings against the accused will serve as a reminder that such criminal activities will not go unpunished.

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