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Traffic Violations

Successful Jaber Al-Ahmad Security Sweep Results in Numerous Arrests



Successful Jaber Al-Ahmad Security Sweep Results in Numerous Arrests

Successful Jaber Al-Ahmad Security Sweep Results in Numerous Arrests. Over the weekend, the General Department of Rescue Police Patrols, led by the Capital Governorate Patrol Department, executed a comprehensive traffic security campaign in the Jaber Al-Ahmad area. Acting under the guidance of Major General Abdullah Al-Rajaib, the Acting Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Public Security, Traffic Affairs, and Operations Affairs, the campaign aimed to address security concerns in the region.

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Active Participation and Field Supervision

The operation, conducted under the field supervision of Brigadier General Fares Al-Qahtani, Director General of the General Department of Police Rescue, and Brigadier General Hamlan Al-Hamlan, Director of the Capital Patrols Department, witnessed the active participation of Police Rescue Patrol Departments from all governorates, Convoy Patrol Departments, and the Northern and Southern Roads.

Campaign Results and Detentions

The campaign results were substantial, with a total of 716 various traffic violations issued and 18 individuals detained for lack of identity proof. Major Abdullah Bu Hassan, Officer of the Public Relations and Traffic Awareness Department in the Traffic and Operations Sector, provided insights into the initiative during a press statement.

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Strategic Plan for Enhanced Security

Bu Hassan explained that the General Department of Rescue Police Patrols had devised a specialized plan to enhance security and regulate traffic in the Jaber Al-Ahmad area. This plan was prompted by reports from the Operations Department of the Interior indicating a state of security chaos in the region, marked by recklessness and the presence of ‘loose workers’.

Focused Approach and Apprehensions

To address these concerns, each rescue department strategically positioned itself in designated locations within the region, closing entrances and exits as mobile patrols roamed the area to verify the identities of expatriate workers.

Brigadier General Al-Qahtani directed the capital’s rescue patrol administration to implement a weekend security plan targeting illegal workers, marginal workers, and perpetrators of serious traffic violations. Bu Hassan highlighted that the rescue patrol teams, deployed from various departments, established fixed and mobile checkpoints to enforce security control, apprehend wanted individuals, pursue reckless offenders, and detain loose workers.

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Notable Arrests and Law Enforcement Efforts

Notably, the campaign resulted in the arrest of two individuals for possession and use of narcotic substances, referred to the General Administration for Narcotics Control. Two others, found in an abnormal condition, were handed over to the Jaber Al-Ahmad police station. Thirteen expatriates with cases of absence registered on the computer were arrested, along with 16 others charged with residency expiration.

Al-Gharib detailed that the police officers successfully apprehended two expatriates with expired entry visas and arrested nine individuals with active arrest warrants from security and judicial authorities. Additionally, 18 people without proof of identity were detained, and two vehicles wanted in connection with security cases were seized. The overall outcome underscores the commitment of law enforcement to ensuring both traffic safety and regional security.

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Traffic Violations

How to Use MOI Portal Kuwait




How to Use MOI Portal Kuwait

How to Use MOI Portal Kuwait. MOI Portal Kuwait provides easy access to important information and services, such as visa applications and renewals, traffic fine payments, residency permits, and more. The purpose of this article is to examine the features and services offered by the MOI Portal and how they are revolutionizing how individuals interact with the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait.

How to Use MOI Portal Kuwait

MOI Portal Kuwait offers a variety of digital services to individuals, businesses, and the government through this online platform. Services offered include:

  • Kuwaiti passport data inquiry service
  • Kuwaiti electoral registration data inquiry service
  • Inquiry service for warranty information
  • Inquiry service about residence data and fine value in case of expiration, applicable to non-Kuwaitis
  • Data inquiry service for visas
  • Information service for driving licenses
  • Inquiry service for vehicle licensing data
  • An inquiry service for traffic fine data with detailed information
  • A travel ban data inquiry service is available
  • Query service for execution data of judgments
  • Status inquiry service for visa applications

MOI Portal Kuwait Traffic Fine

MOI Portal Kuwait Traffic Fines is an online tool provided by the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait for inquiring about traffic violations and fines. The service allows users to check the details of their traffic fines and provides information on how to pay them.

The MOI Portal Traffic website offers this service, which allows users to view details of their traffic violation fine by entering their violation number. The service aims to make paying traffic fines easier for Kuwaitis and to enhance convenience. If You are intrusted in MOI Qatar Traffic Violations to read article provided the link.

MOI Traffic Fine Check

MOI Traffic Fine Check provides individuals with information about unpaid traffic fines so they can avoid any potential pitfalls. You can check for outstanding fines by following these simple steps:

  1. The MOI website or mobile application can be accessed online.
  2. Please enter your traffic violation number or vehicle registration number.
  3. Information about unpaid fines and penalties can be retrieved. English

There is an official website for the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait at There is an English version of the site available for the benefit of non-Arabic speakers.

It offers a variety of digital services, such as visa renewal, traffic fine payment, residency permits, and more. The Ministry of Interior’s website also provides news and updates about its activities and services.

MOI Kuwait Residency Information

The Ministry of Interior provides digital services related to residency permits to assist foreign nationals living and working in Kuwait. The Kuwait Residence Information service offers the following key features:

  • The required documentation and procedures for obtaining and renewing a Kuwaiti residency permit.
  • Fees associated with each type of residency permit.
  • Additional digital services related to residency permits, including applications and renewals.
  • This information is accessible through MOI’s website or mobile application, making it convenient for individuals to access.


Kuwait’s MOI Portal revolutionizes how individuals interact with the Ministry of Interior, offering a wide range of services and information.

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