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Ooredoo Prepaid Recharge: A Step-By-Step Guide



Ooredoo Prepaid Recharge: A Step-By-Step Guide

Ooredoo Prepaid Recharge: A Step-By-Step Guide. The Ooredoo SIM card can be used both for prepaid and postpaid. You don’t need to worry about your postpaid recharge as you have to pay the bill monthly. However, recharging the prepared bill is our most frustrating task.

In order for you to recharge your phone online, you will need to install the app of the Ooredoo SIM company, but you may not always have an Internet connection. That’s why we show you all the ways.

Ooredoo Prepaid Recharge

It’s very common for us to be busy, which makes it impossible for us to go to a store and buy a scratch card and then recharge our SIM cards. When that time comes, we need a fast and secure way to recharge. Recharging online is the best way to do that. All you need is an Internet connection.

Our online system allows you to recharge your Ooredoo Kuwait SIM card in two directions.

  1. Quick Pay
  2. Voucher System
  3. App System
  4. Recharge by Balance Transfer

Ooredoo Online Recharge Quick PAY

Ooredoo Online Recharge Quick PAY

  • Please enter your mobile number.
  • Select your amount.
  • Recharge more numbers if you wish.
  • Select another number and click Add.
  • Please enter your phone number.
  • Click on the proceed button.
  • You can choose here.
  • Complete all requirements.

Recharge Online Kuwait Voucher System

Recharge Online Kuwait Voucher System

Follow these steps to easily recharge your prepaid line using the online voucher system.

  1. Enter your mobile number
  2. Please enter the voucher number
  3. Click on Proceed to continue

App System:

  1. Install My Ooredoo App from the Google Play Store.
  2. Create an anonymous password and a phone number for you.
  3. Log in using the account you used previously.
  4. Click the Recharge Button on the homepage.
  5. Click Select Number or Add Number and enter your Zain number.
  6. Click on Pay Now after selecting KWD and Validity.
  7. You can now choose which card you want to recharge.
  8. On this page, select your bank, credit number, expiration date, and card PIN. Then click Submit and Confirm.
  9. The recharge is now complete. Click on the Transaction Details tab to see the details of the transaction.
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Ooredoo Kuwait Recharge By Scratch System

Ooredoo recharge vouchers or scratch cards can be purchased from almost all retail outlets. Once you have purchased the recharge vouchers, follow the steps below.

  • Dial your phone using the dial pad.
  • Your card has now been scratched.
  • Type 111 (Recharge Code of Card) now
  • You’ll get a confirmation when you call from your Ooredoo SIM card.

Balance Transfers For Ooredoo Prepaid

You can’t recharge this way, but you can transfer your Ooredoo balance from one SIM card to another using the following app. You can transfer your balance using the balance transfer option of the app. Your friends can also transfer your Ooredoo balance.

Ooredoo Postpaid Recharge:

You can usually recharge your postpaid bills by selecting the Pay Bill option and then going to the store where you pay your postpaid bills.

FAQs About Ooredoo Prepaid Recharge

Q 1: How can I check my Ooredoo bill in Kuwait?

Ans: Dial *555# and you’ll get the balance notification.

Q 2: What is the minimum Validity of Ooredoo Recharge?

Ans: Recharge via My Ooredoo KW app for at least seven days.

Q 3: What is hala 5G recharge?

Ans: It can be used with any 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G device. The Hala 5G Recharge offers credit, data and international and local minutes.


Ooredoo offers diverse prepaid recharge options, ensuring seamless connectivity. Whether online or offline, users can conveniently top up their accounts. Stay connected effortlessly with Ooredoo efficient recharge solutions tailored to your needs.

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How To Check Ooredoo Kuwait Number In 2024




How to check Ooredoo Kuwait Number in 2024

How to check Ooredoo Kuwait Number in 2024. One of the biggest international telecommunications companies in Kuwait is Ooredoo, which has been providing its services for over a decade. From keeping their network condition outstanding to offering attractive call and data offers, Ooredoo has been doing a great job, which is why their customer base is growing.

It is quite common for people to purchase Ooredoo SIM cards and not know how to verify their Ooredoo number. This article helps individuals find out how to verify their Ooredoo Kuwait number.

How To Check Ooredoo Kuwait Number In 2024

For one Ooredoo Kuwait number check, Ooredoo introduced seven effortless methods. Here are the techniques.

1st Method: Contacting customer service 

The simplest method, but it is a bit lengthy. You can only follow the commands of an automated voice.

  1. Please call +965 180 5555 or +965 6630 0121
  2. Press the number that the automated voice tells you to select your preferred language on the keypad.
  3. To speak to an Ooredoo SIM company representative, press a certain number again.
  4. Obtain your number from the representative and write it down.

2nd Method: By dialing Ooredoo Number Check Code 

  1. To check a Ooredoo sim number, dial *777#.
  2. Click the call button.
  3. On your phone screen, your number will appear as a short text message.

3rd Method: Using The Application

As long as it still has access to your number or password, this technique can only be helpful if you previously logged into this app.

  1. Go to the “My Ooredoo App”
  2. On the interface, find your number (probably up or down).
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4th Method: Finding the SIM package number 

Find out if you still have your SIM package on your table or inside a drawer.

5th Method: Using The Ooredoo website To Ask For Help 

If you need a balance to call customer service, you can browse Ooredoo’s website and ask for assistance.

  1. Enter Ooredoo’s URL: “”
  2. Upon reaching the Ooredoo Kuwait portal, tap on “Help”.
  3. Click the “Having Trouble” button.
  4. Look for videos showing Ooredoo number check code 2023.

6th Method: Asking Family Members For Help

  1. Select a number from your phone’s contact list.
  2. You can call them and ask for the number on their mobile screen.
  3. Make a note of the number and save it later.

7th Method: Visit a nearby Ooredoo store 

Use your phone’s Google maps to find the nearest Ooredoo store or customer office. If one is nearby, visit the office and ask for your number and internet package in person.

What is the Ooredoo SIM number?

Agar haal hi apne Ooredoo Kuwait ka SIM lia hua hai lekin apko pata nahi ki Ooredoo ka number kaise nikale? To phir aap sabse simple tarika follow kar sakte ho jo hai *777# par dial karke ek choti message ka zariye number ka pata lagana Aap aur bhi tarika azma sakte hai jaise ki +965 180 5555 ya phir +965 6630 0121 numbers par call karke customer service representatives se puch sakte ho.

As a result, jo tarika use karke apna number jan leta hoon woh hai, apne ristedaron ko call karke unse puch ta hoon ki mere number kya hai. In case you have an apna number, repeat karne lagta hai, main turand woh, notebook pe notedown kar leta hai. Several seconds ago, apna number ka pata lagta lagta sakte ho.

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FAQs About Ooredoo Number

Q 1: How can I check my Ooredoo number?

Ans: To check your Ooredoo number, please make a call to *777# and wait for a short text to pop up on your mobile screen.

Q 2: I forgot my Ooredoo number 

Ans: Enter the “My Ooredoo App” installed on your smartphone. If you previously logged in, it will let you in, and you will find your Ooredoo SIM number.

Q 3: What is the customer service number of Ooredoo Kuwait?

Ans: Customers can visit an Ooredoo outlet or official retailer for more details about the new packages and services, or visit or call the customer care center available 24/7 on 121.


Follow any of the 7 techniques I mentioned for “ooredoo kuwait number check.” You can also help others by sharing this information, “how to know my Ooredoo number”, to those who want to check their Ooredoo number.

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