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Lawmaker Proposes Stricter Penalties for Driving Under the Influence



Lawmaker Proposes Stricter Penalties for Driving Under the Influence

Lawmaker Proposes Stricter Penalties for Driving Under the Influence. Lawmaker Proposes Stricter Penalties for Driving Under the Influence. Member of Parliament Saad Al-Khanfour has introduced a bill seeking to amend Article 38 of the Traffic Law with the aim of imposing more severe penalties on individuals caught driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, intoxicants, or any substance affecting their mental state. The proposed bill outlines the following penalties:

  • First Offense: A minimum fine of KD5,000 or three years of imprisonment, along with a three-year suspension of the driver’s license.
  • Repeat Offenses: For those who commit the offense again, the penalties become more stringent. The driving license suspension period is extended to five years.
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In cases where accidents lead to damages, injuries, or fatalities, individuals found driving under the influence of the mentioned substances could face even harsher consequences:

  • Imprisonment: A minimum of 15 years of imprisonment.
  • Fine: A minimum fine of KD20,000.
  • Driving License Suspension: A suspension of the driving license for a period of seven years. This period increases to 15 years for repeat offenders.

Inquiries Regarding Appointments and Actions in Various Ministries

Several Members of Parliament have submitted inquiries to various ministers regarding different matters:

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Appointment in International Organizations:

MP Abdulhadi Al-Ajmi has questioned the Foreign Affairs Minister about the appointment procedures of Kuwaiti citizens to positions in international organizations, such as ambassadors, secretary generals, and directors. He also seeks information on the renewal of tenures for these positions and whether any nominations have been rejected.

Vacancies in Environment Projects:

Al-Ajmi has directed inquiries to Deputy Prime Minister Saad Al-Barrak regarding the apparent vacancies in the Secretariat General of Kuwait Focal Point for Environment Projects. He references a State Audit Bureau report on low productivity and requests information on dismissals and reasons for such actions.

Regulations for Private Universities:

MP Al-Ajmi has requested executive regulations related to the Secretariat General of Private Universities. He is interested in obtaining information about the members, allowances, educational development studies, licensing requirements for private universities, appointment of lecturers, and oversight procedures.

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Plagiarism Cases in Education:

MP Jenan Bu Shehri seeks details from Minister Al-Ostad about actions taken by the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) in cases of plagiarism, including copies of such cases and disciplinary measures implemented since 2010.

Public Parks Establishment:

MP Bader Nashmi Al-Anzi has raised queries about the allocation of land for public parks in Jaber Al-Ahmad City by the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR). He also requests any relevant contracts.

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Medical Personnel and Expatriate Doctors:

MP Al-Anzi has also directed questions to Minister of Health Ahmed Abdulwahab Al-Awadhi regarding the number of Kuwaiti doctors in public medical facilities, recent graduates, acceptance of interns by medical boards in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, appointments of expatriate doctors in administrative roles, and their allowances.


These inquiries reflect the Members of Parliament’s concerns and efforts to gather information and address various matters within their purview.

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Driving License

MOI Kuwait Driving License Renewal Online | MOI Kuwait License Inquiry




moi kuwait license renewal online

Moi Kuwait license renewal online can be a hassle, especially if you’re not familiar with it. Renewal of your driving license has become much easier with the advent of online services. Our article will guide you through the process of renewing your Moi Kuwait license Online.

Moi Kuwait License Renewal Online

Visit to the MOI official website.

Visit to the MOI official website.

Click on Create a new account.

Sign in with your ID and password after creating an account.


Click on the English language if you don’t understand Arabic.

Click on the English language if you don't understand Arabic.

Click on E-services.

Click on E-services.

Select Driving License e-services.

Click on Renew Driving License.

Click on Renew Driving License.

Please Click on Download Form.

Please Click on Download Form.


Moi Kuwait License Renewal Required Documents

  • Photos: Two recent passport-sized photos with a blue background, sized 4×6.
  • Civil ID Copy: A clear copy of your Civil ID.
  • Passport Copy (For Non-Kuwaiti Nationals): A copy of your passport, valid for residents who are not Kuwaiti citizens.
  • Printed Driving License Renewal Request: Obtain and fill out the driving license renewal request form. For employees of companies and institutions who are not Kuwaiti nationals, this form requires the employer’s signature.
  • Signature Authorization: This is specifically for individuals working in companies. The authorization signature is required alongside the renewal request form.

Kuwait Driving License Renewal Processing Time 

The renewal process will begin after you have paid your renewal fees. You will receive your new driving license within a few working days at the address you provided.

Kuwait Driving License Renewal Fees

The Kuwait driving license renewal fee depends on the vehicle you plan to drive. The current renewal fees are as follows:

  1. Driving License Renewal Fees: Fees 5 KD or according to license expiration
  2. Light Vehicle (Private Car): For one year, KD 10, for two years, and for three years, KD 30.
  3. Heavy Vehicle (Truck, Bus, etc.): For one year, KD 20, for two years, and for three years, KD 60.
  4. Motorcycles: For one year, KD 5, for two years, and for three years, KD 15.

Eligibility Criteria For Renewal

Before initiating the renewal process, ensure you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Your existing driving license must be valid or have expired within a certain timeframe.
  2. You must hold a valid residency visa in Kuwait.
  3. You should not have any outstanding traffic fines or legal issues related to your driving license.

MOI Kuwait License Inquiry

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) portal makes it easy to check the status of your driving license in Kuwait. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit the MOI portal from here.
  2. Click on the “E-services” tab and select “Traffic” from the dropdown menu.
  3. The “Driving License Information” service can be found by clicking here.
  4. Please enter your civil ID number and verification code.
  5. You will be able to view your driving license status and any fines or violations.

Collect Your Renewed Driving License

Your civil ID and old driving license should be brought to the traffic department on the day of your appointment. You will receive a new driving license from the traffic department.

Benefits of Renewing Your Driving License Online in Kuwait

You can renew your driving license online in Kuwait for several reasons, including convenience, time savings, and avoiding the need to visit a physical office. The online portal also allows you to view and pay outstanding traffic violations, as well as update your personal information.

Tips for a Smooth Online Renewal Process

Make sure your personal information is accurate and up-to-date, and that you have a valid payment method available to ensure a smooth and hassle-free online renewal process. To avoid fines and penalties, you should also renew your driving license before it expires.


Renewing your Moi Kuwait license online can streamline the process significantly, eliminating many of the hassles associated with traditional renewal methods. Our comprehensive guide walks you through the steps, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience from start to finish.

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