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Kuwait Travel Ban – Kuwait Travel Ban Check – Kuwait Travel Ban Update

Kuwait Travel Ban Check Online. One of the most common questions Kuwaiti citizens and residents ask is how to check Kuwait travel ban, because the Ministry of Interior imposes a travel ban on anyone who commits a violation, and the ban cannot be lifted unless fines are paid.

We will discuss how to check the travel ban in Kuwait and how it can be lifted, as well as the link through which the traveler can take advantage of this service in today’s article.

Kuwait Travel Ban Check Online

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Kuwait Travel Ban Check Online Through Official Website

How to check the Kuwait travel ban? Through the Ministry of Interior’s personal inquiry service on the official electronic portal of the State of Kuwait, which is provided by Ministry of Interior, citizens and residents of Kuwait can inquire about the travel ban, or through the Ministry of Justice’s travel ban inquiry service.

The civil number can be used to inquire about the status of the travel ban in both cases following the instructions below.

Personal Inquiry About MOI Eservices

Inquiries about the travel ban can be made through the personal inquiry service available on the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior’s official website.

  • Personal inquiries for the services of the Ministry of Interior can be made “from here ”.

How to check Kuwait Travel Ban

  • Click on the “Start E-Service” icon.

How to check Kuwait Travel Ban

  • Click on the “Individuals” option.
  • Click on the “Electronic Inquiries” icon.
  • Choose the “Travel Ban Data” service
  • Enter the civil number of the inquirer.
  • Follow the query instructions.
  • Click on the “Query” icon.

Kuwait Travel Ban Check Through Ministry of Justice

How do I check the travel ban in Kuwait on the Ministry of Justice’s website? On the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice portal, you may also inquire about the travel ban using the travel ban inquiry service:

  • Enter the “Travel Ban Inquiry” service on the Ministry of Justice’s electronic portal directly “from here”.
  • Enter the “civil ID” number.
  • Enter the mobile number.
  • Enter the visual verification code.
  • Click on the “Query” icon.


What is Kuwait Travel Ban?

A travel ban is a government-issued legal order that restricts an individual from leaving or entering the country. Also, it is applied for a variety of reasons, such as ongoing criminal proceedings, child custody disputes, or national security concerns. Those on the ban list are also prohibited from leaving the country through airports, ports, or land borders.

Kuwait Travel Ban Categories

To control who enters and leaves the country, the government uses different types of entry and exit restrictions. Tourists should therefore check whether these restrictions affect their trip by understanding these restricted categories. Here are a few examples of Kuwaiti travel restrictions.

Complete Ban

There is a complete ban on all visitors entering the state, regardless of their nationality or reason for visiting. This kind of restriction is uncommon and usually imposed during times of crisis.

Limited Bans

Government authorities can restrict entry of specific groups, such as tourists or workers, due to health or security concerns. Citizens and officials may still enter, however.

Country Warnings

There are times when the state warns against visiting certain risky countries due to violence or instability. Please note that this is only a warning and not a prohibition.

Personal Bans

The state may prevent certain people from leaving due to legal or financial obstacles.

How to Pay a Travel Suspension Fine in Kuwait

Kuwait allows you to remove an immigration ban by paying a fine. The following steps should be followed:

  • Visit any Ministry of Interior service center
  • There you can pay your outstanding fine
  • We will remove the boarding freeze shortly after payment has been received

Note: If you pay through the Justice Ministry, the suspension will be lifted 1 day after payment is received.

Common Reasons for Travel Bans in Kuwait

The government may restrict transit for certain individuals for a number of reasons, including:

  • Legal Issues: Citizens facing criminal charges or involved in lawsuits may be prohibited from traveling abroad until their cases are resolved.
  • Financial Obligations: Individuals may be restricted from leaving the country if they have unpaid debts, fines, bills, loans, etc.
  • Security Threats: Entry may be restricted to individuals suspected of being linked to violent groups or posing a threat.
  • Health Crises: To control the spread of disease, total flight restrictions have been enforced during pandemic health emergencies.
  • Government Orders: A specific agency may prevent personnel access to risky areas to protect their safety and security. Before traveling, you can obtain a Kuwait Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Child Custody: If parents are in a custody battle, they may be temporarily excluded from traveling with their children.

How Long Travel Sanctions Last After Paying Fines or Loans

What is the duration of the exclusion if you are placed on the list of travelers excluded due to unpaid fines or loans?

  • The cancellation of your travel will usually be cleared within four working days.
  • Visit the police station if your ban continues after 4 days.
  • Make sure you keep receipts to prove you paid fines/loans in case you are questioned.
  • A few days after you’ve paid, check your status online.
  • Do not leave until the imposition is officially lifted to avoid problems.

Lifting the Travel Ban Electronically

To lift the travel ban, the Ministry of Justice offers the service of paying the amount online through the official electronic portal of the State of Kuwait. Please follow the steps below:

  • Enter the travel ban payment service. “Click Here
  • Enter the civil ID card number.
  • Enter email.
  • Enter the phone number.
  • Click on the “Search” icon.

Link to Inquire About the Kuwait Travel Ban

A Kuwaiti citizen or a Kuwaiti resident can inquire about whether he or she is subject to a travel ban order using the civil number, by using the personal inquiry service available on the Ministry of Interior’s website, via the link travel ban in Kuwait. A travel ban inquiry service is available from the Ministry of Justice, which can be accessed by clicking the link travel ban in Kuwait. Through this service, travelers can find out if they are on a travel ban and inquire about their status.


Every Kuwaiti citizen and expatriate is interested in knowing how to check Kuwait travel ban so that they can be sure of their legal status and not face obstacles when traveling.