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Kuwait Public Authority Of Manpower Latest Updates For 2024



Kuwait Public Authority Of Manpower Latest Updates For 2024

Kuwait Public Authority Of Manpower Latest Updates For 2024. The Manpower Kuwait agency is a government agency responsible for overseeing and administering all matters related to labor and workforce management in Kuwait. The purpose of this article is to examine the functions and responsibilities of the Public Authority for Manpower.

Kuwait Public Authority Of Manpower

Public authority of manpower Kuwait is a government agency that oversees manpower and labor affairs, including issuing work permits, monitoring the labor market, providing employment services, resolving labor disputes, and enforcing labor regulations.

Kuwait Public Authority For Manpower Appointment

Kuwait’s Public Authority for Manpower’s appointment process is crucial to shaping and implementing labor and manpower policies. Follow these steps to schedule an appointment with Kuwait’s Public Authority for Manpower:

  • Visit the “Meta Kuwait” website.
  • On the dashboard, click the “Appointments” tab.
  • From the list of options, select “Public Authority for Manpower“.
  • You can choose the specific department or service you need.
  • Schedule your appointment at a convenient time and date.
  • Please verify all the information provided.
  • Request an appointment by submitting this form.

Sahel Business App

Sahel Business is a unified government platform available on the Apple App Store and Play Store for Android devices that facilitates the delivery of e-services to various government agencies. The system ensures quick, high-quality transactions, providing businessmen with a new government service experience.

Sahel Business App Login

The Sahel Business App provides effortless access to a range of government services in Kuwait, emphasizing user convenience and operational efficiency. Please follow these steps to log in:

  • Get the Sahel Business App.
  • Complete the form, agree to the terms, and submit it.
  • Authenticate with Kuwait Mobile ID.
  • Approve the Kuwait Mobile ID app’s authentication.
  • Click “OK” to log into the Sahel App.
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Sahel Business App Services

The “Sahel Business” App aims to facilitate interactions between businesses and government organizations. The app offers the following key services:

Data Management

  • Maintains a record of government relationships.
  • Maintains official documents and expiration dates.

Service Applications

  • Obtains government services by applying.


  • Service status alerts and reminders.


  • The META central platform is used to book government appointments.


  • A central platform for government announcements and services.

Public Authority For Manpower Form

Public Authority for Manpower’s form simplifies and expedites the request and information submission process regarding manpower and labor affairs, enabling orderly and efficient government processing. Below is a link to the form:

Manpower Login Contact Details

Kuwait’s Public Authority for Manpower’s latest contact information can be found below. Please use this updated information for any inquiries or communication needs:

  • Contact center numbers: ​96524936504/96522051713
  • WhatsApp inquiries: Please contact us through 24936611 if you have any inquiries.
  • Visitor reception times: Sunday-Thursday, 8 a.m.- 1 p.m.
  • Main branch address: Al-Raqi – Block 2 – Street 106, behind the Courts Complex. English

It provides comprehensive information and services related to Kuwait’s manpower and labor affairs, ensuring accessibility for a variety of users, via its official website

Key Services Offered By PAM

  1. Work Permit Issuance: PAM is responsible for issuing work permits for expatriates. This involves verifying qualifications, ensuring compliance with labor laws, and managing the documentation process. By regulating work permits, PAM helps maintain a legal and orderly labor market.
  2. Labor Dispute Resolution: PAM plays a pivotal role in resolving labor disputes between employees and employers. The authority offers mediation services and legal assistance to ensure fair resolutions. This service is crucial in maintaining harmonious industrial relations.
  3. Training and Development Programs: To enhance the skills of the workforce, PAM offers various training and development programs. These programs are designed to meet the evolving needs of the labor market and provide workers with the necessary skills to thrive in their careers.
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FAQs About Public Authority For Manpower

Q1)Where can I complain about labour in Kuwait?

Ans:- The local labour court or the PAM office (Shoun) can be contacted if the employer has violated your rights.

Q2)What are the part time rules in Kuwait?

Ans:- Kuwaiti authorities have issued part-time work permits for foreign workers that allow them to work for a second employer for up to four hours per day. An individual with a permit can only work in the private sector with the approval of their primary employer.

Q3)What are the labour laws in Kuwait?

Ans:- In Kuwait, what are the legal working hours? Adult workers are required to work eight hours a day and 48 hours a week. After five consecutive hours of work, employees must have a one-hour rest or break.


In summary, public authority of manpower Kuwait serves as a crucial institution, overseeing and regulating labor affairs. Through its diverse responsibilities, it aims to ensure a fair, safe, and well-managed workforce, contributing to the overall stability and development of the labor market in the country.

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Kuwait Civil ID Address Check




Kuwait Civil ID Address Check

Kuwait Civil ID Address Check. Keeping your civil ID address updated in Kuwait is crucial for various legal and administrative reasons. Whether you are a resident or a citizen, ensuring that your address is correct can help you avoid potential fines and ensure that all government-related communications reach you without any issues. This article will guide you through the process of checking and updating your civil ID address.

Why Checking Your Civil ID Address is Important

The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) provides a service that allows individuals to verify the validity and accuracy of their registered civil ID address. This service is essential to ensure that all official documents and notifications are sent to the correct location.

Methods to Check Your Civil ID Address

Using the Sahel App

The Sahel App is a convenient tool for checking your civil ID address status. Here’s how you can do it:

Downloading and Installing the App

  1. Download the Sahel App from the Play Store or the ‘App Store.’
  2. Install the app on your device.

Navigating to the Address Check Service

  1. Open the app and navigate to “Services.”
  2. Select “PACI.”
  3. Choose “Card Service” and then “Address Availability.”

Entering Your Civil ID Number

  1. Enter your civil ID number.
  2. Review the status of your address availability.

Using the PACI Website

You can also check your civil ID address status via the PACI website:

Accessing the PACI Website

  1. Go to the “PACI website

Finding the Address Check Service

  • Locate the “Address Availability” option.
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Entering Your Civil ID Number

  • Input your civil ID number and click “Submit.”

Reviewing Your Address Status

  • Review the status of your address availability.

Using the e-Government Portal

The e-Government portal provides another method to check your address:

Visiting the e-Government Website

  • Go to the e-Government website.

Navigating to the Address Check Service

  • Find the address check service on the portal.

Entering Your Civil ID Number

  • Enter your civil ID number and click “Query.”

Reviewing Your Address Status

  • Verify the availability of your address.

How to Change Your Civil ID Address in Kuwait

If you need to update your civil ID address, follow these steps:

Required Documents

Prepare the following documents before visiting PACI:

  • Two recent colored personal photos (4 × 6 cm)
  • Nationality certificate and a copy (for applicants aged 18 or older)
  • Lease contract and a copy if residing in a leased building
  • Owner’s document of title if residing in a leased house
  • Electricity bill (valid for 6 months) instead of the owner’s document of title
  • Copy of the civil ID of the house owner if living with a relative
  • Document of title of the house if owned
  • Allocation letter from the Public Authority of Housing Welfare if residing in a government house
  • Power of attorney from the Ministry of Justice if unable to attend in person

Detailed Procedure

Visiting PACI Headquarters

  • Visit the Public Authority of Civil Information Headquarters at Zahra.

Filling Out Application Forms

  • Fill out the necessary application forms provided at the office.

Paying Fees

  • Pay the applicable fees (5 KD for the smart card and 0.250 KD for the envelope).
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Procedure for Changing Civil ID Address

  1. Visit the PACI headquarters and submit the required documents.
  2. Fill out the provided service application forms.
  3. Pay the fixed fees for the smart card (5 KD) and the envelope (0.250 KD).


Kuwait Civil ID Address Check. Keeping your civil ID address updated is essential for complying with Kuwait’s legal requirements and ensuring that you receive all official communications. By following the steps outlined in this guide,

you can easily verify and update your civil ID address using the Sahel app, PACI website, or e-Government portal. Stay informed and avoid unnecessary fines by keeping your address information accurate and up-to-date.

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