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Kuwait Immigration Shift: Residency Data Integrated Into Civil IDs



Kuwait Immigration Shift: Residency Data Integrated Into Civil IDs

Kuwait Immigration Shift Residency Data Integrated Into Civil IDs. In a significant move driven by new provisions within the immigration law, the Kuwaiti government is introducing transformative changes to immigration procedures for both local citizens and expatriates. This shift will influence how movement within the country is managed.

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Anticipating the Impact

While the immediate benefits and tangible outcomes are yet to materialize, the impending implementation of these changes has already been confirmed by officials from various consulates. These officials have elucidated the impending alterations and provided insights into the procedures their respective nationals will navigate in light of these modifications.

Incorporation of Residency Data into Kuwait Civil IDs

Notably, the Egyptian consulate has made a noteworthy announcement regarding Kuwaiti authorities’ recent resolution concerning foreign residency laws and their amendments. As detailed in a report from the Kuwait Times, these amendments encompass several significant regulations. Among these is the elimination of the requirement for residency stickers (iqama) to be affixed to expatriates’ passports, marking a substantial departure from prior practices.

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Streamlining Entry and Residency Information

Additionally, the Egyptian consulate has highlighted a pivotal change in the process. Starting March 10, all Kuwaiti exits and subsequent entries for foreign nationals will be facilitated through their Civil IDs. This seamless transition hinges on the condition that individuals possess valid documents—both passports and Civil IDs. The central shift enabling this streamlined process is the comprehensive inclusion of residency data within the Civil IDs.

Progress in Electronic Recruitment Links

Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Mariam Al-Aqeel, has provided an update on the ongoing development of electronic recruitment connections between Kuwait and Egypt. While progress is being made, Aqeel has clarified that the establishment of such e-linkages does not signify an open-door policy for increased recruitment of foreign laborers from these countries.

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Curbing Fraudulent Practices

Aqeel has underscored the core objective of this new system: the eradication of counterfeit contracts and illicit visa transactions. This aim will be achieved by instituting a framework for foreign labor recruitment that operates under the digital supervision of both Kuwait and the relevant partner country. Notably, Aqeel has emphasized that the Kuwaiti manpower authority is diligently finalizing the necessary procedures to facilitate this revolutionary digital service.


Incorporating residency data into Kuwait Civil IDs marks a transformative step in immigration procedures. While the immediate impact remains to be seen, officials’ insights offer clarity on impending changes. This move aims to streamline entry processes, deter fraudulent practices, and enhance recruitment controls.

As Kuwait progresses in linking electronic recruitment, Minister Mariam Al-Aqeel emphasizes the broader goals of transparency and security. The nation’s commitment to innovation in immigration procedures sets the stage for a more efficient and accountable system.

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Civil Service Commission Kuwait Website




Civil Service Commission Kuwait Website

Civil Service Commission Kuwait website is a digital system of the Civil Service Bureau, the government institution that deals with the administration of government jobs in Kuwait. Kuwait’s Bureau of Employment administers the affairs of its workforce and job seekers.

  • The sorting of admission applications based on experience, academic achievements, and other factors.
  • Follow up on the progress of the employees of this sector and all other government sectors.

Kuwait has been adopting many electronic services recently to benefit from the technological advancements witnessed by the State of Kuwait in order to keep pace with the world’s largest economies.

The Civil Service Sommission Kuwait Online Services

The civil service commission of Kuwait provides a number of digital services through its electronic portal, as it targets employees in government. A few of its most important services include:

  • Inquiries about financial data.
  • Inquiry about vacation balance.
  • Inquiries about attendance, exit, and delay data.
  • Employee registration with a government agency.
  • Inquiries about salary and bonuses.
  • Inquiries about vacations.
  • Basic data query.

What is the Role of the Civil Service Commission Kuwait

The Kuwait Civil Service Bureau is one of the important government institutions that manages the civil service across more than 300 branches in all governorates of Kuwait, and it offers more than 100 services related to human resources and salaries across all government agencies involved.

Civil Service Commission Kuwait Website

Kuwait’s Civil Service Bureau website provides access to a number of electronic services. Click on the following link to access the electronic portal:

  • civil service commission kuwait official website

Csc Kuwait Website Registration 

Kuwait Civil Service Bureau is an electronic portal that lets beneficiaries take advantage of all the services it offers. This is done by creating an account on the website of the bureau by following these steps:

  • Click here to access the Kuwait Civil Service Bureau’s electronic portal “here“.
  • Click on the Register icon.
  • Write the civil number.
  • Click on the icon next.
  • Please enter the code sent to the phone number you previously entered.
  • In this way, you have opened an account with the Civil Service Bureau and can start receiving benefits
  • from the services it provides.

Civil Service Commission Kuwait Login

Follow these steps to log in to the Civil Service Bureau electronic portal:

  • Go to the Civil Service Bureau website from“.
  • Click on the “Start the Electronic Service” icon.
  • Write the civil number in the appropriate field.
  • Click on Sign in.

Kuwait Civil Service Commission Holidays

Kuwaiti Civil Service Bureau reports Kuwait Civil Service Commission holidays through its electronic portal. To access this service, follow these steps:

Step 1:

The Civil Service Bureau Integrated Systems e-mail link can be found“.

Step 2:

Please enter your username, password, and verification code in the fields provided.

Step 3:

Click on the “Login” icon.

Step 4:

Define automated services.

Step 5:

Determine the vacation service.

Step 6:

There will be a display of all vacation details and the remaining balance.

Kuwait Civil Service Bureau No

Civil Service Bureau of Kuwait provides many communication icons around the clock, seven days a week, and here are all the numbers:

  • The automated number for the Civil Service Bureau is 131
  • Unified Civil Service Bureau number 18 28 888
  • The Civil Service Bureau’s WhatsApp number is 00 96 52 23 33 66 8
  • Civil Service Bureau Twitter link: @Csc_Kw.
  • Civil Service Bureau Instagram: csc_kw.
  • E-mail of the Kuwaiti Civil Service Bureau: [email protected]


We have provided everything related to the e-mail integrated systems program, through which the Civil Service Commission aims to facilitate the completion of basic services for employees, in our article about the Civil Service Bureau’s link.

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