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Kuwait Civil ID Photo Update Process Online



Kuwait Civil ID Photo Update Process. The picture on your civil ID plays an important role in identifying you as a Kuwaiti citizen. A perfect image is therefore essential for an ID card. What if there is already a photo on the civil ID in Kuwait?

Visit the Public Authority of Civil Information (PACI) website and take their e-service to change your civil ID photo.

To update Kuwaiti civil ID photos, there are a few steps to follow. The following are the steps with details and more information regarding civil ID collection photos.

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Kuwait Civil ID Photo Update

Kuwaitis know how to update their civil ID pictures easily. Non-Kuwaitis, however, have difficulty learning the correct procedure.

Following the steps below will allow you to do things on your own by taking the Pacie service photo update. The procedure is as follows.

How to Change Photo in Civil ID Kuwait Online

Step 1. Visit the PACI website by clicking here 

Step 2. Please select English as your default language, since Arabic is the default language for the entire website

Step 3. Click the “E-Service” button

Step 4. Click on “Non-Kuwaiti Photo Update”

Step 5. The civil ID number, the serial number, and the mobile number need to be entered into three empty boxes. The Kuwaiti Photo Update link will take you directly to this page if you wish.

Step 6. Press “Next” and wait for an SMS code to arrive on your phone. Please enter them in the box below. “This Service sends SMSs to your mobile phone”

Step 7. To update the civil ID photo, enter the necessary information and click “Save”

Step 8. A confirmation text will appear on your mobile saying, “Successful submission; please wait for the update.”

Step 9. When you receive another message from 1889988, it will say, “Your request has been successfully received.”. Please follow up at” After clicking the link, you will be taken to the request status page.

Step 10. Paci will send you another SMS after 10 to 15 days with information on whether your request for a civil ID photo update has been approved.

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Required Details for Expats Civil ID Photo Update

If you would like to request a change to your civil ID photo, you must provide these details.

  1. Your blood group
  2. Personal image (photo width should be between 500 and 800 pixels and height should be between 700 and 1000 pixels.
  3. Please provide a copy of your passport first page
  4. Passports have an expiration date on the last page
  5. A copy of your civil ID
  6. Embassies letter
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Civil ID Update Timing

Civil ID collection photos can be updated in a short amount of time once the process is completed. Firstly, you must apply to the government for approval to update your photos.

It will take 10 to 15 days to receive a positive or negative response. Once the paci e service photo update is approved, it’ll take a few hours to change the image of a non-Kuwaiti.

PACI Photo Update Tracking

For civil ID photo update tracking, you must ensure your request was approved by Kuwaiti government. Public Authority of Civil Information will send you an SMS confirming receipt of your request with a link to check the timeline for updating your civil ID picture.

You can also check manually by visiting the link and seeing if the previous image has been changed or a new one has been added.

ID address is now in progress.

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The process of changing a civil ID photo in Kuwait is the same as in any other country. On the official website of the Public Authority of Civil Information, there is a solution for those who need more time to update the photo on their ID cards physically.

The Kuwait civil ID photo update article explained how to change the image with the PACI e-service photo update.

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Newborn Residency in Kuwait After 60 Days




Newborn Residency in Kuwait After 60 Days

Newborn Residency in Kuwait After 60 Days. In Kuwait, the regulations regarding newborn residency are crucial for families seeking to establish legal status for their newborn children. Understanding these regulations, particularly the process after 60 days of birth, is essential for expatriate families residing in the country. Let’s delve into the specifics of newborn residency in Kuwait after the initial 60-day period.

Residency Laws for Newborns

According to Kuwaiti law, newborns born to expatriate parents in Kuwait are initially granted a grace period of 60 days for residency. During this period, parents must complete the necessary paperwork to secure legal status for their child. Failure to do so within the stipulated timeframe may result in penalties or legal complications.

Newborn Residency in Kuwait After 60 Days

Once the initial 60-day period elapses, parents must initiate the residency application process for their newborn. This typically involves submitting a series of documents to the relevant government authorities. These documents often include the child’s birth certificate, passport, and medical records, among others.

Required Documents

  1. Birth Certificate: A certified copy of the child’s birth certificate is essential for establishing their identity and parentage.
  2. Passport: The child’s passport, preferably with a valid visa, is necessary for international travel and legal identification purposes.
  3. Medical Records: Health records, including vaccination certificates and medical assessments, may be required to ensure the child’s well-being and eligibility for residency.

Newborn Residency in Kuwait After 60 Days Application Procedure

Parents are typically required to visit the residency department or relevant government office to initiate the application process. During this visit, they must submit the required documents and fill out the necessary forms. It’s advisable to double-check the specific requirements and procedures with the authorities to avoid any discrepancies or delays.

Newborn Residency in Kuwait After 60 Days Time and Fees

The processing time for newborn residency applications in Kuwait can vary depending on various factors, including workload and administrative procedures. Additionally, there may be associated fees for processing the application, which parents should be prepared to pay.

Legal Implications

Securing residency for a newborn is not only a bureaucratic formality but also a legal obligation for expatriate parents in Kuwait. Failure to comply with residency regulations may lead to legal consequences, including fines, deportation, or other penalties.


Navigating the process of securing residency for a newborn in Kuwait after the initial 60 days requires careful attention to detail and adherence to legal requirements. By understanding the regulations and fulfilling the necessary obligations, expatriate parents can ensure the legal status and well-being of their child in the country.

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