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How Do I Complain For Kuwait Civil ID Card?



How Do I Complain For Kuwait Civil ID Card?

How Do I Complain For Kuwait Civil ID Card? Kuwait Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) can be contacted if you experience difficulties applying for a new Kuwait Civil ID or renewing your existing ID. A complaint or grievance can be submitted using the following procedures.

Collect Supporting Documents

Gather any documentation that supports your case before filing your Civil ID complaint.

  • Your old Civil ID (for renewals)
  • Receipts for applications
  • Status screenshots
  • PACI staff emails
  • Other evidence related to your complaint

Having proper documentation will help PACI investigate and resolve your complaint faster.

Complaint Submission Methods

Kuwait Civil ID complaints can be filed in the following ways:

  • Online: The complaints page on the PACI website requires your contact information and details of your complaint.
  • In Person: Contact any PACI office location in person. Bring your Civil ID copy and documentation.
  • By Mail: Include copies of all supporting documents in a physical letter to PACI headquarters.

Provide Sufficient Complaint Details

Please provide the following details when filing your complaint:

  • Name and Civil ID number
  • Complaint nature (renewal delay, application rejection, etc.)
  • Timeline of the issue
  • Individuals you’ve dealt with
  • Resolving complaints

Keep your grievance factual and avoid emotional language to allow PACI to investigate it fully.

PACI Complaint Submission Methods

PACI offers several complaint authority options:

  1. Office of the Under Secretary: Submitted complaints are forwarded to the appropriate department.
  2. Public Relations Department: Complaints must be made to the authority (e.g. Civil ID).
  3. Local Media: Report and investigate complaints.
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Complaint type and desired outcome determine the appropriate channel.

Follow Up on Your Complaint

Check the status of your Civil ID complaint on the PACI website or by calling 1889988.

Contact the specific complaints department by phone or email.

Tracking your complaint status ensures PACI responds within 5-7 business days to your complaint.

How to File the Strongest Complaint?

The following tips will help you resolve your complaint:

  • Be prompt: As soon as the complaint issue arises, file.
  • Be calm: Keep your tone neutral and businesslike.
  • Be detailed: Provide every important fact related to your complaint.
  • Be patient: Before following up, allow PACI time to investigate fully.
  • Be persistent: You should keep checking in until you receive a satisfactory response.

What Happens After You Complain?

The following is how PACI handles Civil ID complaints once they are received:

  1. According to the nature of your complaint, your complaint is assigned to the appropriate department manager.
  2. PACI tracks the complaint details in its system.
  3. An investigator from PACI will investigate the complaint and contact you if further information is needed.
  4. In response to the investigation, PACI will determine the required resolution and take the appropriate steps.
  5. According to PACI guidelines, the complaint is closed out when a satisfactory resolution is reached.
  6. PACI will notify you when your complaint has been resolved.

What You Need To Know

  • Complaints about Civil ID should be filed promptly and properly documented.
  • Submit online, in person, or by mail.
  • Please provide detailed complaint information, including dates, names, and your desired resolution.
  • Follow up until PACI satisfactorily resolves your complaint.
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For Kuwait Civil ID card complaints, contact PACI through online forms, in-person visits, or mail, providing thorough documentation. Follow up consistently for resolution within 5-7 business days. Stay calm, detailed, and persistent for the best outcome.

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Newborn Residency in Kuwait After 60 Days




Newborn Residency in Kuwait After 60 Days

Newborn Residency in Kuwait After 60 Days. In Kuwait, the regulations regarding newborn residency are crucial for families seeking to establish legal status for their newborn children. Understanding these regulations, particularly the process after 60 days of birth, is essential for expatriate families residing in the country. Let’s delve into the specifics of newborn residency in Kuwait after the initial 60-day period.

Residency Laws for Newborns

According to Kuwaiti law, newborns born to expatriate parents in Kuwait are initially granted a grace period of 60 days for residency. During this period, parents must complete the necessary paperwork to secure legal status for their child. Failure to do so within the stipulated timeframe may result in penalties or legal complications.

Newborn Residency in Kuwait After 60 Days

Once the initial 60-day period elapses, parents must initiate the residency application process for their newborn. This typically involves submitting a series of documents to the relevant government authorities. These documents often include the child’s birth certificate, passport, and medical records, among others.

Required Documents

  1. Birth Certificate: A certified copy of the child’s birth certificate is essential for establishing their identity and parentage.
  2. Passport: The child’s passport, preferably with a valid visa, is necessary for international travel and legal identification purposes.
  3. Medical Records: Health records, including vaccination certificates and medical assessments, may be required to ensure the child’s well-being and eligibility for residency.

Newborn Residency in Kuwait After 60 Days Application Procedure

Parents are typically required to visit the residency department or relevant government office to initiate the application process. During this visit, they must submit the required documents and fill out the necessary forms. It’s advisable to double-check the specific requirements and procedures with the authorities to avoid any discrepancies or delays.

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Newborn Residency in Kuwait After 60 Days Time and Fees

The processing time for newborn residency applications in Kuwait can vary depending on various factors, including workload and administrative procedures. Additionally, there may be associated fees for processing the application, which parents should be prepared to pay.

Legal Implications

Securing residency for a newborn is not only a bureaucratic formality but also a legal obligation for expatriate parents in Kuwait. Failure to comply with residency regulations may lead to legal consequences, including fines, deportation, or other penalties.


Navigating the process of securing residency for a newborn in Kuwait after the initial 60 days requires careful attention to detail and adherence to legal requirements. By understanding the regulations and fulfilling the necessary obligations, expatriate parents can ensure the legal status and well-being of their child in the country.

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