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HH First Deputy Prime Minister And Minister Of Interior Events



HH First Deputy Prime Minister And Minister Of Interior Events

HH First Deputy Prime Minister And Minister Of Interior Events. In recent events, His Excellency First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, and Minister of Interior Sheikh Fahd Yousef Al-Sabah engaged in significant diplomatic interactions that underscore the strong ties between Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

Diplomatic Meeting With UAE Officials

Sheikh Fahd Yousef Al-Sabah received His Excellency Dr. Matar Al Nayadi, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, along with His Excellency Engineer Mohammed Jomaa Al-Falasi, Adviser to the Head of Government Support Department and Chairman of the Swiss Committee at the Abu Dhabi government. The delegation also included other notable officials, and the meeting took place in the presence of His Excellency the Head of Civil Aviation, Sheikh Hamoud Mubarak Al-Hamoud Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

Warm Welcome And Emphasis On Strong Relations

At the outset, Sheikh Fahd Yousef Al-Sabah extended a warm welcome to his distinguished guests. He emphasized the depth of the fraternal and historical relations between Kuwait and the UAE, highlighting the importance of such diplomatic engagements in strengthening bilateral ties.

Gratitude And Future Cooperation

His Excellency Dr. Matar Al-Nyadi, along with his associates, expressed their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Sheikh Fahd Yousef Al-Sabah for the warm reception and hospitality. They stressed the importance of the discussions held during the meeting, which they believe will lead to enhanced cooperation and coordination between the two fraternal countries.


The meeting between Kuwaiti and UAE officials marks a significant step in fostering stronger diplomatic and cooperative relations. Both parties look forward to continued collaboration, ensuring mutual benefits and strengthening their historical ties.

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Ministry of Interior Issues Warning on Fake Chalet Rentals




Ministry of Interior Issues Warning on Fake Chalet Rentals

Ministry of Interior Issues Warning on Fake Chalet Rentals. The Ministry of Interior has issued a stern warning to the public regarding unreliable accounts that offer fictitious chalet rentals. This advisory follows recent reports from Al-Seyassah, dated June 6, which highlighted the increasing risks associated with these fraudulent schemes.

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Rise in Fraudulent Activities

According to the Ministry, there has been a noticeable uptick in incidents involving fake chalet rentals. These scams are part of a broader trend of electronic fraud that targets unsuspecting individuals looking for rental properties online. The Ministry stressed the need for citizens and residents to be vigilant to avoid becoming victims of such deceitful practices.

Media Coverage and Public Awareness

Al-Seyassah newspaper featured a front-page story on June 6, drawing significant attention to the issue. The article referred to the perpetrators as the “fictitious chalet rental mafia,” underscoring the organized nature of these scams. This coverage has prompted authorities to call for increased public awareness and caution when dealing with online rental listings.

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Precautionary Measures

In light of these developments, the Ministry of Interior has issued several recommendations to help the public protect themselves:

  • Verification of Legitimacy: Before making any financial transactions, individuals are advised to thoroughly verify the authenticity of rental offers. This includes checking the credentials of the rental provider and seeking reviews or references from trusted sources.
  • Reporting Suspicious Activities: The Ministry encourages the public to report any dubious rental offers or suspicious activities to law enforcement immediately. Prompt reporting can help authorities take swift action and prevent further instances of fraud.

Ongoing Efforts to Combat Electronic Fraud

The Ministry of Interior remains committed to monitoring and addressing the growing concerns surrounding electronic fraud. By issuing this warning and providing guidelines, the Ministry aims to safeguard the interests and security of the public, ensuring safe and trustworthy rental transactions.

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The Ministry of Interior’s advisory highlights the critical need for vigilance and due diligence in the face of increasing electronic fraud. By staying informed and cautious, individuals can protect themselves from falling victim to fake chalet rental scams.

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