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Hawalli zip code List – Kuwait Hawalli Zip Codes



Hawalli zip code List - Kuwait Hawalli Zip Codes

The Hawalli Zip Code is a system of postal codes used in Kuwait’s Hawalli district. This system is intended to facilitate the delivery of mail, as well as other services that rely on accurate and efficient addressing. In this article, we will explore the Hawalli zip code system in greater detail and provide an overview of the district’s different areas and postal codes.

What is Hawalli zip code

In the Hawally area of Hawalli, there are seven blocks with unique postal codes. Below is a list of these blocks and their corresponding postal codes:

  • Block 1: 030000
  • Block 2: 030001
  • Block 3: 030002
  • Block 4: 030003
  • Block 5: 030004
  • Block 6: 030005
  • Block 7: 030006

Hawalli Postal Code

Having an understanding of the hawally zip code is important if you plan on receiving mail or packages in Hawally. The following is a comprehensive list of Hawally’s postal codes and corresponding areas:

Salmiya postal code

Located in the Hawalli Governorate, Salmiya is a popular residential and commercial district in Kuwait. There are seven blocks, and their corresponding postal codes are:

  • Block 1: 020000
  • Block 2: 020001
  • Block 3: 020002
  • Block 4: 020003
  • Block 5: 020004
  • Block 6: 020005
  • Block 7: 020006


Hawalli zip codes are essential for identifying specific locations and ensuring mail and packages are delivered to the right place. I hope this article is more informative for you.

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The Mangaf Zip Code | Unlocking Efficient Mail Delivery




The Mangaf Zip Code

Mangaf Zip Code is a crucial component of Kuwait’s postal system, enabling efficient mail delivery to suburban areas in the southern part of the country. With this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the Mangaf zip code, which plays a crucial role in Kuwaiti daily life.

The Mangaf Zip Code Full Detail:

The Mangaf Zip Code is assigned to the area by the Ministry of Communications in Kuwait. A zip code in Kuwait has five digits. In the first digit, the region is represented, and in the last four digits, the specific area is represented.

  1. Block 1: 053700
  2. Block 2: 053701
  3. Block 3: 053702
  4. Block 4: 053703
  5. Block 5: 053704
  6. Block 6: 053705
  7. Block 7: 053706
  8. Block 8: 053707
  9. Block 9: 053708
  10. Block 10: 053709
  11. Block 11: 053710

How to Find a Zip Code in Kuwait?

There are several resources available to you when it comes to finding a zip code in Kuwait. It may be possible to find your zip code through a variety of channels, depending on your location and the amount of information you have.

Check online:

You can find Kuwaiti zip codes online via the Ministry of Communications website or other reliable resources.

Ask a local:

In Kuwait, you can ask a local for the zip code of the area you are interested in.

The Mangaf Zip Code

Contact the post office:

The Kuwaiti post office can also assist you in finding the zip code.

How to Address Mail to Mangaf?

Several important guidelines should be followed when addressing mail to Mangaf in order to ensure your mail reaches its intended destination. You can follow these guidelines whether you are mailing a letter, a package, or any other type of mail.

  1. Write the recipient’s name on the first line.
  2. Write the street address on the second line.
  3. Write the zip code and city on the third line.
  4. Write the country name on the fourth line.
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Why is mangaf zip code Important?

The zip code is an essential component of modern communication and commerce, serving as a unique identifier for specific geographical locations in a country. The importance of zip codes and how they have become an integral part of our daily lives can be credited to several factors.

Efficient mail delivery:

A zip code ensures that your mail is delivered to the correct address on time.

Improved accuracy:

Zip codes reduce the possibility of errors when entering addresses, resulting in fewer lost or misdelivered mails.

Business operations:

A zip code identifies and targets a specific market accurately for businesses.


Finally, the Mangaf zip code plays an essential role in the Kuwaiti postal system, enabling efficient mail delivery to this vibrant suburb in the southern region.

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