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Kuwait Civil ID Delivery – Civil ID Delivery Status Online

Where can I get PACI delivery to Kuwait (Civil ID Service)? Please be informed that the Public Authority for Civil Information in the State of Kuwait has contracted with a delivery company to provide home delivery of the civil ID, in order to ensure that your civil ID is delivered safely while maintaining the privacy of the information it contains; Thus, you will need to follow some of the steps we will provide through this post if you want to activate this service.

Paci Civil Id Delivery In Kuwait

PACI Civil ID Delivery Kuwait

Paci Civil ID Delivery Kuwait is a service provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information on its online portal, allowing recipients to receive their civil cards without visiting the authority’s headquarters.

PACI Civil ID Delivery Kuwait Step By Step

PACI Civil ID Delivery Kuwait is available on, and these are the most important steps to follow to take advantage of it:

  • The first step is to access the authority English site by clicking on the following link (
  •  Accept the terms and conditions and click “start”
  • Second, enter the following information in the specified field: “Serial Number” and “Civil ID Number”.
  • After that, click “add”
  • Thirdly, enter the following information in the specified fields: “Name”, “Delivery time”, “Phone number”, “Email”, and “Preferred Contact language”.
  • Fourth, Click “add” to confirm the delivery information 
  • Follow the rest of the payment steps in the fifth step
  • Click “Payment confirmation” to confirm your payment
  • Sixth, save the receipt by printing it or saving it as a PDF

PACI Civil ID Home Delivery Explanation With Pictures 

The following pictures illustrate the steps for activating the civil ID home delivery service after visiting PACI website

Step 1: Click on the top corner of PACI official website to switch from Arabic to English. Read the following instructions carefully:

Step 2: All instructions must be read and accepted carefully. You can now accept the delivery company’s terms and conditions by clicking here.

Step 3: If you have an old civil ID card, click on the rectangle that indicates it is available. However, if you do not have an old identification card, make sure that the rectangle indicates that it is unavailable.

Step 4: Your civil ID card number and serial number should now be entered here. You can find your serial number on the back of your civil identification card.

Step 5: Please enter your contact information, including name, address, delivery time, phone number, and preferred country. The manual address entry option is also available. You can then write your details by selecting the third option.

Step 6: When you write your delivery address, you will see three options:

  • “Use card address.”
  • “Use another PACI address.”
  • “Enter address manually.”

Then fill in the information as shown below, choosing the option that is most convenient for you:

Step 7: Confirm the delivery information you provided when you applied for a civil identification card. When you enter your residential address, be sure to read it carefully.

Step 8: You will be redirected to the payment page after confirming the delivery information. Once your payment has been completed, you will receive a confirmation receipt; please print or save your receipt carefully.

PACI Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery Registration

The following steps need to be followed for paci kuwait civil id home delivery registration: 

  • To access the service “paci kuwait civil id home delivery registration”, click here.
  • After accepting all terms and conditions, you can begin the registration process.
  • If you have an old Paci Kuwait Civil ID, click Old Card Available, or click on the option that says Old Card Option not available if you don’t.
  • Put in your “civil ID number” and your “serial number”
  • Please enter your contact information below:
  • name,
  • contact number,
  • mail address,
  • language,
  • delivery time,
  •  card address.
  • Verify your contact information by clicking “next”.
  • Print, save, or take a screenshot of the receipt.

PACI Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery Payment

PACI Kuwait civil id home delivery payment is determined as follows by the Public Authority for Civil Information:

  • Each Kuwaiti dinar delivered to the house is worth two dinars
  • Each additional card delivered to the same address will cost 1/4 Kuwaiti dinar

PACI Delivery Contact Number 

  • The Paci delivery contact number is: 22 06 65 50
  • Inquiring about Civil ID Status, the contact number is 1889988

PACI Delivery Kuwait Instructions

The following are some important guidelines issued by the Civil Information Authority regarding the service of civil id delivery kuwait service:

  • first, civil id home delivery is an online service.
  • A civil ID is delivered to the references immediately after issuance by the Public Authority for Civil Information.
  • The old civil ID is delivered to the delivery person as soon as the new one is received.
  • The authority also protects the identity and information contained on the civil ID card by placing it inside an envelope bearing the Public Authority for Civil Information’s logo.


Civil ID Delivery Service and Paci Delivery Kuwait This is what we discussed in this article, highlighting the most important steps involved in implementing this service.qaz