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A Morning Work Period Has Been Set Up At Fintas Service Center



A Morning Work Period Has Been Set Up At Fintas Service Center. A Morning Work Period Has Been Set Up At Fintas Service Center. In a move aimed at enhancing citizen satisfaction and streamlining administrative processes, the General Department of Service Centers, under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior, has announced the reopening of the Fintas Service Center. This center, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Al-Ahmadi Governorate Service Centers Administration, is set to resume its operations during the morning period, commencing Tuesday, May 28.

The decision to reopen the Fintas Service Center comes as part of the ongoing efforts by the Security Institution to alleviate the burdens faced by citizens, while also saving their valuable time and effort. Following a period of comprehensive maintenance work, the center is now ready to resume its vital role in facilitating various transactions and services for the community.

Enhancing Citizen Convenience

With the resumption of operations at the Fintas Service Center, citizens residing in the Al-Ahmadi Governorate can once again access a range of essential services closer to home. By reopening during the morning period, the center ensures that individuals can conveniently attend to their administrative needs without disrupting their daily schedules.

Streamlining Administrative Processes

The reopening of the Fintas Service Center underscores the commitment of the Security Institution to expedite the completion of transactions and improve overall service efficiency. By providing a dedicated facility for citizens to access government services, the center aims to reduce waiting times and enhance the overall experience of those seeking assistance.

Comprehensive Maintenance Work

Prior to its reopening, the Fintas Service Center underwent a thorough maintenance process to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality and functionality. This comprehensive maintenance work involved inspecting and upgrading various facilities and systems within the center, thereby ensuring its smooth operation upon resumption of services.


The reopening of the Fintas Service Center represents a significant step towards enhancing citizen-centric services and improving administrative efficiency. By resuming operations during the morning period and following extensive maintenance work, the center aims to provide a seamless experience for citizens seeking government services in the Al-Ahmadi Governorate. This initiative reflects the ongoing commitment of the Security Institution to prioritize citizen convenience and satisfaction, while also contributing to the overall development and prosperity of the community.

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