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Kuwait Civil ID Status – Kuwait Civil ID Check – Civil ID Status Online

If you have any problem checking your Kuwait Civil ID status, If yes, you are in a writing blog. we solve all your confusion about Kuwait civil id status in this article. please read the complete article.

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check Online

How to Use This Tool

  • Step 1: Enter Your “Civil ID Number” in the provided box
  • Step 2: Click on the “Submit” button
  • Step 3: Move to the “official website“.
  • Step 4: Then Again Enter your details.
  • Step 5: Click on the “Submit” button
  • Step 6: Finally, You will see your “current status


This site is connected to the official website. So don’t worry, your information is safe and secure.

Check Kuwait Civil ID Status Online

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check Through the PACI Website

The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) offers citizens, residents, and expatriates in Kuwait the possibility of obtaining their PACI Kuwait Civil ID Status by following its official website.

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of the Public Authority for Civil Information, Click the below button.

  • Step 2: Click on the “Card Status” option

  • Step 3: Click On “Civil ID or Envelope No

  • Step 4: Enter the “Civil ID number” in the text box

  • Step 5: Click on the Submit” button
  • Step 6: Then, on the official website see your current status.

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check Through the MOI Website

The Kuwait Civil ID check can be conducted on the website of the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) by entering your ID number to view your personal information and ID card expiration date. Your ID card can also be checked in person at a PACI service center.

  • Step 1: Click on the button below to visit the official website of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior.
  • Step 2: Please Click on the “Civil ID Icon” shown below.
  • Step 3: Please enter your civil ID in the Civil ID Box.
  • Step 4: If you are a Kuwait citizen click on the Kuwaiti” option.
  • Step 5: If you are not a Kuwait citizen click the “other nationality” option
  • Step 6: Finally see your current status.

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check By Passport Number

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check By Passport Number is very simple. Please Follow these steps.

  • Check out the official website for “Electronic Services”
  • Choose the option to inquire about the “Internal Reference Number
  • The date Kuwaitis received their “Nationality Should be Entered
  • Please enter your “Passport Number” and expiration date if you are a resident
  • Click on the “Inquire” button

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check By MOI App

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check MOI By App. MOI App is a mobile application developed by the Kuwaiti government of the Ministry of Interior. It offers a range of services related to residency and citizenship, including checking Civil ID status.

The civil ID status MOI app requires a Kuwaiti phone number and a civil ID number. The following steps will guide you through checking your Civil ID status on the MOI Kuwait app.

Step 1: Download the MOI App to Check your Civil ID Status

The civil ID status MOI app requires you to first download and install it on your mobile device in order to check the status of your civil ID. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Download and Install the MOI App


  • Go to the App Store or Google Play on your mobile device.
  • You can search for “MOI Kuwait” in the search bar.
  • The download process begins when you click the “Install or Get” button.
  • The app will be downloaded and installed once it is completed.

Step 2: Register for an Account

After you download and install the civil ID status MOI app, you must create an account in order to check your civil ID status. The steps are as follows:
  • Open the MOI app on your mobile device.
  • Click on the “Register” button.
  • Please enter your Kuwait phone number and Civil ID number.
  • Then, wait for a message with a verification code to come to your phone.
  • The verification code must be entered in the app to complete the registration.

Step 3: Log in to the App

Your civil ID status can be checked on the app only after you log in to your account. Here are the steps you need to follow:
  • Open the MOI app on your mobile device.
  • On the main menu, click the “Login” button.
  • Please enter your Kuwait phone number and password.
  • The “Login” button allows you to access your account.

Step 4: Check Your Civil ID Status

Once you’ve logged into your MOI Kuwait app account, checking your Civil ID status is straightforward. Please follow the steps below:
  • The “Residency and Citizenship” tab is located on the app’s main menu. This will bring up a screen with various residency and citizenship options.
  • Select “Civil ID Status” from the list of options. The Civil ID status screen will open.
  • During the Civil ID status check, you will be asked for your Civil ID number and date of birth. You must enter the correct information.
  • The status of your Civil ID can be viewed once you have entered your Civil ID number and date of birth.

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check By PACI Mobile App

Kuwait Civil ID status check by PACI mobile app below the following steps to easily check.

  • Get the PACI mobile app for your device: The PACI mobile app is available both for Android and iOS. It can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

  • Once you’ve downloaded and installed the PACI mobile app, open it and choose “Civil ID Inquiry” from the home screen.
  • The app will prompt you to enter your Civil ID number, date of birth, and verification code. Please enter the details accurately.
  • After entering all the required details, click “Submit.” The app will display your Civil ID status after you submit the form.

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check By Call Service

The PACI hotline number is 1889988. Follow these steps to determine your Civil ID status
  • Step 1: Call the PACI Hotline at (1889988).
  • Step 2: To continue in English, press 2.
  • Step 3: Select Civil ID Services, press 1
  • Step 4: Then again
  • Press 1 to check the status of your Civil ID renewal
  • Press 2 for civil ID inquiry – Enter your civil ID number, for example, 286052011xx.
  • If your Civil ID card is ready or under processing, it will tell you
  • To check a Civil ID card’s validity, press 3

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check By SMS Service

By sending an SMS to 1889988, you can check the status of your civil ID.
  • For Renewal: Send SMS “R CivilIDNo” to 1889988
  • For Inquiry: Send SMS “I CivilIDNo” to 1889988
  • For Envelop inquiry: Send SMS “E receiptNO” to 1889988

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check By Voicemail

Kuwaiti citizens, residents, and expatriates can inquire about their new civil card status by using the voicemail feature.
  • Call the customer service number 188988.
  • Select Language and follow the instructions.
  • Click on 1 to go to the query service.
  • Type the ID number, then wait for the result.

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check MOI Service Center Offline

You can officially check your Civil ID status by visiting the MOI (Ministry of Interior) office. For this, you need to go to a nearby MOI office where you will find a designated counter or window to verify your Civil ID status.

You will be required to present your Civil ID card and other identification documents, such as a passport or iqama. The office staff will scrutinize your documents and check your Civil ID status in the system.

They will provide you with accurate information regarding your validity, renewal status, or any updates. This is a traditional method that can still be used even after the introduction of the PACI website, but using the online method provides a better and more convenient way to check your Civil ID status.

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check By PACI Service Center Offline

The process of checking your Civil ID Status at PACI Center is straightforward and takes only a few minutes. You need to do the following:

Visit the PACI Center

  • The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) operates several centers throughout Kuwait. To check your Civil ID status, you’ll need to visit one of these centers. Bring your original passport and any relevant documents.

Head to the Reception Desk

  • When you arrive at the PACI Center, ask the receptionist to check your Civil ID status. You will need to fill out a form provided by the staff.

Fill out the Form

  • Your name, civil ID number, and passport number will be requested on the form. Fill out the form accurately, as any mistakes could delay the application.

Submit the Form

  • Submit the completed form to the reception desk once you’ve completed it. You will receive your Civil ID status after they process your request.

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check On A Mobile Device

Kuwait Civil ID Check On A Mobile Device
  • Visit the official website first.
  • Enter your civil ID number in the text box.
  • Then, Press the “Query” button to check your current status. 

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check On PC Device

Check Kuwait Civil ID Status On Your PC
  • Type your Kuwait civil ID number into the text box.
  • Then, Press the “Query” button to check your current status
Your civil ID may still be pending if you see the following message.
PACI Civil ID Status Online

After getting the status You can wait a few more days for PACI Civil ID Deliveryonce it’s ready, you can collect it from Paci or you can have it delivered to your residence address, by Civil ID Payment which is only a 2KD delivery fee.

A civil registry application must be submitted to the General Directorate of Residency Affairs or via PACI Online AppointmentApplicants are asked for personal information as well as their identification number.
The civil registry authority assigns the citizen a unique number. The number is used for all legal procedures, including enrollment in schools, embassies, government agencies, and other activities that require official identification.

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check Online – Video Guide

What is Kuwait Civil ID?

The Kuwait Civil ID is the national identity card of Kuwaiti citizens that must be held by its citizens. This serves as the government identity for Kuwaiti citizens. Kuwait ID Card is includes personal information like:

  • Civil ID number
  • Your name
  • Nationality
  • Birth date
  • Sex
  • Card expiry date

What is your Civil ID Number?

After you have started the residency process in Kuwait and completed the visa and medical fitness test stages, you will receive a Civil ID number. If you have this number, you can check when you can pick up your Civil ID from PACI, as well as the status of your Civil ID.

You can also inquire about your Civil ID number with your company’s human resources department if you are on a work visa. Here is how you can check the status of your card once you have the number.

Who Can Use Kuwait Civil ID?

All citizens and residents over the age of 5 with a valid civil ID with a validity period of more than one month. Residents and citizens over the age of 5 who renewed their civil identification and paid the issuance fee. The first civil ID card is being issued to new residents in Kuwait.

How to Apply for Kuwait Civil ID Online

Kuwait Civil ID Apply Online process in detail is explained in the article below the article to click the link and read the complete ID Apply online process.

Apply For New Civil ID

  • Please visit the Ministry of Information’s website. 
  • Select “eServices” from the tabs. 
  • Under “Citizen Services,” click “Apply for a National ID Card”. 
  • The online application form must be completed and submitted. 
  • Pay the due fees. 
  • You need to wait until you receive your ID card. 
  • Show your Kuwaiti passport and your ID card to a Civil ID office when your card arrives. 
  • Fingerprints and photos will be taken at the office. 
  • You must renew your ID card every ten years; the process is the same as when you first apply, except that you won’t have to pay the application fees.

A civil ID is ready for 7 days after application.

Civil ID Renewal For Kuwait Individuals

The Kuwait ID renewal service is available to individuals whose ID cards have expired. The renewal of civil cards for applicants under 18 can be done online, by phone, or with the help of a parent. It is possible for adults (18 years and older) to renew their cards directly, by phone, online, or through a parent.

Who is Eligible For Kuwait Civil ID

  • Kuwaiti nationals who are at least 18 years old and have acquired Kuwaiti nationality can renew their identification cards by phone or online. Candidates who still need to submit a scanned photo must provide a personal one. 
  • Renewals of the card can be completed online or by phone for applicants under the age of 18. In this case, applicants aged 10 and older must provide a personal photograph.

Required Documents For Civil ID

  • Copy of Nationality Certificate. 
  • Please submit a copy of the first and last pages of the nationality certificate, as well as the original document. 
  • Colorful pictures of yourself that are 4 x 6 cm in size 
  • Without your glasses, take pictures. 
  • There should be a face between 2:2 cm and 2:5 cm long in the center of the photograph. 
  • In military uniforms, pictures should never be taken. 
  • Taking pictures for purposes other than assessing a face profile is advisable. 
  • The color and clarity of the photo background should be fine. 
  • The original civil ID.
  • Envelope. 
  • When an applicant cannot attend in person, the Ministry of Justice must grant power of attorney.

New Method For PACI Civil ID Inquiry

Another way to find out the status of your Kuwait civil ID inquiry is to call the hotline at 1889988. Call this number and provide your ID number and other personal information to confirm your identity.

Your ID’s current status will be audible once you’ve done that. Note: The Kuwait Ministry of Interior requires Kuwait citizens to check their civil ID status online. However, there are still other ways to verify your status.

Consulate services are available at Kuwaiti consulates in countries where you reside. If you have any questions regarding your civil ID status, the experts there can assist you.

Kuwait Civil ID Key Features

Kuwait’s new national eID card will be the main tool for verifying the identity and digital residence of its citizens. Kuwait’s extensive digital government efforts were made possible by this system, which helped streamline administrative processes and assist with digital government.

To fundamentally change how citizens and residents obtain basic services, it set an overarching goal. A few of the card’s main characteristics and advantages are as follows:

  • The national eID card complies with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) rules, enabling unrestricted travel between GCC members. 
  • The safe document serves as an ID card, as well as providing overt and hidden security measures. 
  • The contact functionality of the card gives cardholders access to eGovernment services with safety and ease. 
  • Embedded contactless technology in Thales’ cards makes identity verification at border crossings more convenient, secure, and faster.

Repealing The Benefits Of Partnership

PACI Kuwait has built the infrastructure necessary to provide Kuwaitis with civil IDs/eIDs within the last few years. This platform has enabled public and commercial service providers around the country to create cutting-edge apps and services.

The involvement of Thales in this endeavor is a source of pride for the company. Kuwait’s best practices demonstrate the benefits of implementing a national ID card, particularly as a platform for creating smart cities. Kuwait has also demonstrated how trust in eGovernment can be increased through a reliable national identity card.

The use of technology and digital administration is benefiting millions of Kuwaitis. Public institutions and services now provide Kuwaitis with a higher level of ease and comfort.

Kuwait Civil ID Customer Care Number Details

A Kuwait civil ID customer care number can be used to contact the authority for various purposes. For your problems you can contact them directly or via WhatsApp; they will be available to assist you. You can contact the Directorate General of Civil ID and Passports at +965 1804080 if you have any inquiries or concerns regarding your civil identification card. Customer service for Kuwaiti civil ID will be available from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Advantages of Kuwait Civil ID

The Kuwait Civil ID, officially known as the “Kuwaiti National Identification Card,” is a crucial document for Kuwaiti citizens and residents. It offers several advantages, serving as a multi-purpose identification card and a key document for various services and transactions in Kuwait. Some of the advantages of the Kuwait Civil ID include:

Advantage Description
Identification Official identification for residents includes personal details and a unique ID.
Residency Status Indicates citizenship or residency status within Kuwait.
Access to Services Required for accessing government, public, and private sector services.
Financial Transactions Needed for opening bank accounts, obtaining loans, and conducting business activities.
Travel Essential for travel within Kuwait and as a form of ID for flight tickets and border crossings.
Proof of Age Used to confirm an individual’s age for age-restricted activities.
Driving Required for obtaining a driver’s license and for traffic-related matters.
Employment Necessary for employment documentation and for employers to verify legal status.
Residency Renewal Expatriates need it to renew residency permits, proving legal presence.
Emergency Services Provides critical information to healthcare providers and first responders during emergencies.
Access Control Used by institutions and buildings to control access and verify eligibility.
Official Documentation Needed for various official processes, including marriage, divorce, and legal contracts.
Public Records Used for maintaining population statistics and demographics.

Disadvantages of Kuwait Civil ID

Kuwait Civil ID, also known as the Civil Identification Card, is a crucial document for residents and citizens of Kuwait. However, like any identification system, it has its disadvantages:

Disadvantage Description
Privacy Concerns Contains personal information and biometric data, raising privacy concerns.
Mandatory Requirement Mandatory for all residents, including expatriates, limiting personal choice.
Bureaucratic Processes Obtaining and renewing a Civil ID can involve time-consuming bureaucracy.
Limited Validity Requires periodic renewal, with fines for late renewals.
Financial Implications Involves fees and fines for issuance and renewal, posing a financial burden.
Non-transferable IDs are non-transferable, restricting flexibility in usage.
Limited Accessibility Some services and benefits may be tied to having a valid Civil ID.
Documentation Requirement Obtaining or renewing requires the submission of various documents.
Biometric Data Collection Collects biometric data, raising concerns about data security and misuse.
Loss or Replacement Replacing lost or damaged IDs can be time-consuming and costly.
Ans:- You can check your new civil card status using the voicemail feature, to determine if it’s still valid or if it needs to be renewed, and thus avoid paying late fees, by applying the following steps:
  • The customer service number is 188988.
  • Select a language following the instructions.
  • Go to the query service by clicking on 1.
  • Write the civil number, then wait for the result.
Q2) How to check Iqama status in Kuwait with a passport number?
Ans:- To determine whether your Kuwaiti e-visa is genuine, you can take the following steps:
  • Visit Kuwait’s official e-visa website
  • You need to enter your passport number and e-visa application number
  • Make sure the captcha code displayed is correct
  • click ‘submit’
Alternatively, if you do not know your passport number, you can:
  • The Kuwait visa application status portal can be accessed here
  • enter your visa application number
  • enter the captcha displayed
  • click ‘submit’
Q3) How can I check my civil ID delivery in Kuwait?
Ans:-  The ID cards are delivered within two working days after the delivery company picks them up from PACI headquarters. Unless the old civil ID is handed over to the delivery representative, the new civil card cannot be delivered. Q4) How can I check my residency status in Kuwait? Ans:- Renewing corporate residency is a service that the Ministry of Interior, the General Administration of Residency Affairs, is interested in offering to Kuwaiti citizens and residents. The most important steps are as follows:
  • This will take you to the portal of the Ministry of Interior.
  • Define the electronic services icon for companies.
  • Determining the company residency service.
  • On the portal, enter your login information, including:
  • “user name”.
  • “password”.
  • Click on the “Login” icon.
  • After activating your account, click on the Users tab.
  • Select the “Show registered companies” service.
  • Create an account by clicking on the “Create Account” icon once system users have been added.
  • At the bottom of the page, click Latest Services.
  • Establishing the service of “renewing the residency of the private sector ”.
  • Usernames and passwords are required for login.
  • It is necessary to enter the name of the company and the civil number of the employee in the fields provided.
  • Click on the “Search” box to show you the data of the employee whose residence you want to renew.
  • The checkmark should be in the middle of the data in the area:
  • There was a match between the Latin name and the passport.
  • Read, and certify that the data is correct.
  • Click on the “Renew Residence” tab.
  • Click on the Pay Accommodation Fee icon.
  • Click on the Submit icon.
  • If you wish, you can keep the payment receipt on your device.
Q4) How do I find my ID number?
Ans:- Your identity numbers are printed on all your national identification documents, including passports, ID cards, and resident permits. You will usually find it either next to or below your name or your birth date. The number you are looking for should have 11 digits and contain your birthday formatted as year-month-date or date-month-year.
Q5) How can I check my identity status?
Ans:- The most popular method is to visit the official government website online. The ID number and birthdate you entered can be used to check your status. Check your status at the nearest police station. There, you can check your status and, if necessary, change your details.
Q6) How can I check my civil ID expiry date?
Ans:- There are several methods of requesting information about cases from the Ministry of Justice in Kuwait. Inquiries can be made by Kuwaiti Civil ID number, Kuwaiti electronic number, Public Prosecution case number, prosecution case number, court case number, referral number, and expert case number. Individuals can stay informed about the status of their cases through one of these methods.
Q7) How to check Kuwait Civil ID status with passport number?
Ans:- check the civil ID status with the passport number in the following ways.
  • You can access Electronic Services by visiting the home page.
  • Select the option to inquire about the internal reference number.
  • Enter the date of issuance of nationality for Kuwaitis.
  • Please enter the passport number and expiration date for residents.
  • Click on the “Inquire” icon.

Q8) How can I get my Kuwait Mobile ID?

Ans:- Yes, The Kuwait Mobile ID App allows you to get your Mobile ID. The “Registration Through Your Mobile Phone” option will allow you to register without entering the serial number of the card. What is the Civil ID Card Preview? It’s a virtual representation of your Civil ID based on your Kuwait Mobile-ID.

Q9) How can I get a civil ID in mobile?

Ans:- Please follow these steps to ensure that you receive the update request from the Kuwait Mobile ID Application:

1. Log in to Kuwait Mobile ID App
2. Go to the main menu and select Update ID
3. Then select Update ID on the smartphone
4. Please follow the steps and accept the Terms & Conditions.

Q10) How can I download my civil ID in Kuwait?

Ans:- Below are the following steps to download my civil ID in Kuwait

  • Get a Kuwait mobile ID on your smartphone.
  • You will need your civil ID number, serial number, and passport number in order to register.
  • Take a selfie.
  • Complete the process. Your civil ID will now be available on your mobile device if accepted.

Q11) How can I get a civil ID serial number in Kuwait?

Ans:- For the first-time resident, there is no option to have a civil id serial number. For renewals, the serial number will automatically be provided when you pay for the renewal of the ID.

Q12) How can I update my civil ID online?

Ans:- The following steps will ensure that you receive an update request from within the Kuwait Mobile ID Application:

  • Open the Kuwait Mobile ID application
  • From the main menu, select Update ID
  • Select Update ID through a smartphone
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions and follow the steps

Q13) How do I Check my Civil ID Fine in MOI Kuwait?

Ans:- For compliance and to avoid penalties, you must check for fines associated with your Civil ID in Kuwait. To check the Civil ID fine, follow these steps:

  1. You can visit Moi Kuwait’s official website.
  2. Go to the “E-Services” or “Online Services” section.
  3. Check the Civil ID fines option.
  4. Please enter your Civil ID number.
  5. Verify any additional steps if necessary.
  6. To begin, click “Submit” or “Check.”.
  7. You can review the results of any fines associated with your Civil ID by looking at the displayed results.

Q14) How can I change my mobile number in my civil ID?

Ans:- Kuwait Mobile ID app users must have previously requested a new civil ID issuance to be able to update their data.

  1. There will be a popup message when you open the Kuwait Mobile ID app.
  2. Click on “Renew My Mobile ID ”.
  3. Please enter your PIN and click “Continue”.
  4. Congratulations on successfully renewing your Mobile ID.

Q15) What is Kuwait ID?

Ans:- Kuwait Civil ID serves as an identification card for both Kuwaiti citizens and residents. This card can be used for a variety of purposes, such as opening a bank account and applying for a job. This ID card, however, is only valid for 10 years.

Q16) What is mobile civil ID in Kuwait?

Ans:- The Kuwaiti identity card is issued to Kuwaitis and Kuwaiti residents. Travel documents issued by Gulf Cooperation Council countries can be used when visiting these countries. A Kuwaiti identity card’s front and reverse. Kuwait’s identity card (K-1) is a government-issued document that serves as a form of identification.

Q17) How can I check my civil ID status online?

Ans:- As we already discussed at the top of the article. Simply 2 ways to check your Kuwait civil ID current status.

  1. First, at the top of the article we have already created a form for your help simply put your civil ID number and move to the official website, and then again put your ID number and see your current status.
  2. Second, Go to the official website, official website link at the top of the article, simply click the “Check Kuwait Civil ID Status Online” button and move to the official website, then enter your civil ID number and see your current status

During the application process, you will need to provide a photo ID and a passport. An email will confirm your application status after you apply.

Q18) How Can I Open a Mobile ID In Kuwait?

Ans:- Follow these Steps

  • Download the App Store or Google Play Store application if you own an iOS or Android device
  • Visit the website, scroll down to “Create an account or log in” and click it
  • Enter the following information to identify yourself.
  • Enter the data and confirm it.

Q19) How can I Get My Kuwait Civil ID Status Online?

Ans:- You can perform this service over the phone or online by following these steps:

  • The first step is to call.
  • The number is dial to 889988.
  • For Arabic, choose (1), and for English, choose (2).
  • You can select the service number (1) from the voice list.
  • After entering your civil ID number, wait for your request to be processed.
  • A second option is to go online.
  • You can renew your civil ID by visiting the Public Authority for Civil Information website (
  • After entering your civil ID number, follow the directions
  • The Public Authority of Civil Information Headquarters is located in Zahra, Checkers’ Building, ground floor, Reception Hall. Card acquisition fees must be paid

Q20) How long Does It Take to Get a Civil ID?

Ans:- After 2 days from the Visa stamping, applicants may appear in person before the PACI for civil identification documents. An application will let you know if your identity has been approved. You will be able to see the information you submitted and how long it will take to complete.

Q21) How can I check my PACI civil ID fine online?

Ans:- Check for fines associated with your Civil ID in Kuwait to avoid penalties and ensure compliance. You can check your Civil ID fine by following these steps:

  • Visit Kuwait Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI)
  • Go to the “Card & Payment” section
  • Please enter your Civil ID number in the box provided
  • Check the displayed results for any fines associated with your Civil ID.

Q22) How can I check my civil ID case in Kuwait?

Ans:- Please follow these steps to check your civil ID case.

  • Go to the official website of the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI).
  • Click on the “Civil ID Inquiry” button
  • Choose the “Non-Kuwaiti” option.
  • Please enter your Civil ID number, passport number, and date of birth.
  • Verify your information and documents, which may require additional documentation.

Q23) What is the format of civil ID number in Kuwait?

Ans:- The Kuwaiti government. The 12-digit national identification number in Kuwait is called the Civil Number (Arabic: Civil Number). The format is NYYMMDDNNNN. It is issued and put on the Civil ID and managed by the Public Agency for Civil Information (PACI).

Q24) How can I check my civil ID details?

Ans:- It is also possible to find out the status of your Kuwait civil ID inquiry by calling the hotline at 1889988. Your ID number and other personal information must be provided to this number in order to confirm your identity. The current status of your ID will be audible once you’ve done that.


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